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Blessing Celebrated - March / April 2017


Each month, thanks to the generousity of the public we have reasons to celebrate and give thanks
Here are a few of the reasons why..

  • Thanks to all our corporate sponsors, NPM Church and congregation for all their support and to everyone who donated clothing, toys, formula, etc., etc., we are very grateful. Your personal thank you letters will be coming to you shortly!
  • A huge thank-you to Shaun Bentley for that awesome donation, we cannot thank you enough!
  • Thanks to the Belle ladies, who collected R889.90 for us!
  • Thanks to a group of NMMU students who donated nappies, wet wipes and Formula.
  • Thanks to Michelle v d Westhuizen for her donation of Vaseline, much appreciated!
  • Once again thank you very much Myrna Dickerson and her team, for the beautiful personalized blanket for one of our little ones - it will go with him when he is adopted.
  • Monalisa for all the wonderful clothing from Germany, our grateful thanks to you!
  • Thanks to Salome Croft for organising the donations from the W.A. Circuit, of baby toiletries, it is coming in extremely handy!
  • Thank you Sunridge Play Centre for a lovely big round table that we can make use of outside.
  • Thanks so much to the “Wednesday and Saturday Walkers” for their very kind donation of R500!
  • Thanks once again to Leisel for the cakes!
  • Thanks to FPT & SAB-T, for their generous donations every month.

To everyone who pledges their support on a monthly basis – Thank God for you, we cannot sustain this home without you!

Please forgive me if I have ommitted anyone – God Bless all of you who support this home, be it goods, money or your time – know that we appreciate all of you!

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