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Prayer Requests

Thandusana prayer requests:

  1. God’s hand over all our children, past and present
  2. Healing for our little ones with health problems.
  3. All the other homes that also care for the needy children.
  4. Safe Journeys for all our families, staff and volunteers.
  5. Generosity.
  6. Our children to be healthy and happy.
  7. Wisdom, patience and insight in caring for these little ones.
  8. More people who are willing to foster children.
  9. Social workers to operate in the best interests of our children.
  10. Healing for the sick in our Community and healing for broken hearts.
  11. Blessings for all who care for neglected, abused and abandoned babies and children.
  12. Fundraising efforts to be blessed.

Thank God with us for all our celebrations. ( click here to view ! )


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